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Introducing Parga Chile's Salt and Lime Powder Bottle - the perfect seasoning to add a tangy twist to your drinks and snacks! Made with a blend of high-quality sea salt and dried lime juice, this seasoning is designed to enhance the flavor of your beer, margaritas, and fruit.

This bottle is perfect for adding a deliciously tangy flavor to your favorite drinks. Simply sprinkle a pinch of the seasoning on the rim of your beer or margarita glass before pouring your drink, or mix it in with your favorite fruit snacks for a tasty and healthy treat.

This seasoning comes in a convenient resealable bottle that makes it easy to store and use as needed. It is an essential ingredient for anyone who loves to experiment with flavors and try new things.

With Parga Chile's Salt and Lime Powder Bottle, you can take your drinks and snacks to the next level. So why wait? Try it today and experience the burst of flavor for yourself!